The small goldsmithy

- An authentic workshop

The Workshop

Situated in Fredericia's historic centre

Step inside a small, cosy shop filled with unique jewellery, the most beautiful pearls and delicate, precious stones. You find the workbench in the middle of the room, so you are likely to watch the goldsmith in action right in front of you. Come see the old-fashioned workshop and let yourself get carried away.

Billede af butikken

The Goldsmith

Therese Krogh Andresen

I completed my apprenticeship in 2015. Opened the workshop in Prinsessegade 23, Fredericia in February 2018. As a certified goldsmith I am passionate about my craftsmanship and love to get carried away by the beauty of great Tahitian pearls, stunning diamonds and true quality crafts.

Billede af Therese

Memento Mori

From Latin: 'Remember that you will die'

Jewellery was, are and will probably always be the most beautiful and stylish way to think of life every day. My idea with 'Memento Mori' and jewellery is to remind you how frangible life is and that we must enjoy every moment. That, I think, is the most beautiful thing about a unique piece of jewellery.

Therese udenfor butikken

Wedding Rings

And so I ask of you...

... do you want your wedding rings to be mass-produced or unique? From my tiny, cosy workshop, I can offer you the rings of your dreams. Rings of great quality, made with love and without compromises. Wedding bands are to be worn for the rest of your life as a symbol of your love and should therefore be exactly as you wish. I am here to help you with the whole process. From thought and idea to finished rings. Being a professional goldsmith, I am also able to remelt old family gold for your rings as an extra sentimental value.

Custom Order

Your Dream Jewellery

Are you searching for a unique piece of jewellery? Do you just have a faint idea or do you know exactly what you want? No matter what, I can help you realise it. If we combine your ideas and my knowledge of the craft we can make your jewellery dream come true.

Billede af en specialbestilling. Unik hvidguldsring med perle og diamanter.